5 Ways to Choose the Right Outdoor Shed

5 Ways to Choose the Right Outdoor Shed

When it is time to replace your old shed, or buy a new one, keep a few things in mind. Your outdoor shed should last up to 20 years, so the right one makes a difference! Although there are many things to think about, here are our 5 top considerations.

Zoning Laws or HOA Rules
Foundation / Flooring
Price / Quality


Zoning Laws or HOA Rules for Outdoor Sheds

Always check with your municipal government to check zoning laws and restrictions before doing anything else. Usually, smaller sheds, up to 120 sq. ft, don’t require prior approval. But where you can put your shed may have restrictions. And the height could be regulated, too.

Plus, homeowner's associations often have additional bylawsthat cover outdoor sheds.


Do you plan to install the shed yourself? If not, discuss the project with your installer before purchasing the shed. Many shed kits are easy to assemble by two unskilled people in a day. Others require carpentry skills and specialized tools.

Foundation / Flooring for Outdoor Sheds

Its always best to install your outdoor shed on a foundation tokeep it up off the ground. If you are replacing your old shed, look and see if you have problem areas that need attention. Foundations of concrete blocks, pressure-treated wood, or gravelhelp prevent premature aging of your shed.

Check to see if the shed you want to purchase includes a floor. Sometimes, they cost extra.

Outdoor Shed Designs

Shed designs aren’t boring anymore! Choose an outdoor shed that complements your property. Consider the style and colors and how the shed fits into your landscaping. Plant gardens around the shed to bring the look together.



Price / Quality Considerations for Outdoor Sheds

Price is always important, but you do get what you pay for.

High-quality materials and solid construction make for longer lasting and better-looking outdoor sheds. A few hundred dollars can save having to replace the whole shed for several more years. Often it is the fancy details that drive up the price. They make for a gorgeous addition to your property values, but if you must budget, focus on quality.

The size of your outdoor shed impacts the price, too. A small 3 by 7 ft garden shed allows room for your garden tools and lawnmower or wheelbarrow. But there is no space to work inside. A medium shed about 10 ft X 10 ft has space for all yourgarden supplies plus a riding mower. Plus, there is some room to work inside. If you have a big yard and a professional to installyour large shed, you can get sheds as big as a garage! And some even have lofts for extra storage.




What the shed is made of changes the price as well. Choose from wood, metal or vinyl resin. Wood lasts a long time but needs maintenance with new paint and shingles. Metal sheds are better-looking than they once were, are rust-resistant, and they are still light and easy to assemble. Resin doesn’t attract bugs, doesn’t chip and needs no ongoing maintenance.

So, as you choose your outdoor shed, consider this list. You’ll add value to your property and convenience for your yard work.